KAMAZ shock absorber: comfort, safety and convenience of Kama trucks

Hydraulic shock absorbers are widely used in the suspension of KAMAZ trucks, which play the role of dampers. This article describes in detail the place of shock absorbers in the suspension, the types and models of shock absorbers used, as well as the maintenance and repair of these components.


General information about the suspension of KAMAZ vehicles

The suspension of KAMAZ trucks is built according to classical schemes, which have been proving their reliability for decades, and are still relevant. All suspensions are dependent, include elastic and damping elements, some models also have stabilizers. Longitudinal leaf springs (usually semi-elliptical) are used as elastic elements in suspensions, which are mounted on the frame and beam of the axle (in the front suspension and in the rear suspension of two-axle models) or on the beams of the axle and the axles of the balancers (in the rear suspension of three-axle models).

Hydraulic shock absorbers are also used in the suspension of KAMAZ vehicles. These components are used in the following cases:

- In the front suspension of all models of Kama trucks without exception;
- In the front and rear suspension of some models of single cars and long-haul tractors.

Shock absorbers in the rear suspension are used only on two-axle truck models, of which there are not too many in the KAMAZ line. At present, KAMAZ-4308 onboard medium-duty vehicles, KAMAZ-5460 tractors and the latest KAMAZ-5490 long-haul tractors have such a suspension.

Shock absorbers in the suspension act as a damping component, they prevent the car from swaying on the springs when overcoming road bumps, and also absorb a variety of shocks and shocks. All this increases comfort while driving the car, as well as improves its handling and, as a result, safety. The shock absorber is an important part of the suspension, so in the event of a malfunction, it must be repaired or replaced. And in order to make repairs quickly and at no extra cost, you need to know about the types and models of shock absorbers used on KAMAZ trucks.


Types and models of shock absorbers KAMAZ suspension

To date, the Kama Automobile Plant uses several main types of shock absorbers:

- Compact shock absorbers with a length of 450 mm and a piston stroke of 230 mm for the front and rear suspension of KAMAZ-5460 tractors;
- Universal shock absorbers with a length of 460 mm and a piston stroke of 275 mm are used in the front suspension of most flatbed vehicles, tractors and dump trucks (KAMAZ-5320, 53212, 5410, 54112, 5511, 55111 and others), and these shock absorbers are also installed in the front and rear suspension of two-axle KAMAZ-4308 flatbed vehicles;
- Shock absorbers with a length of 475 mm with a piston stroke of 300 mm are used in the front suspension of KAMAZ-43118 off-road vehicles. These shock absorbers in the version with the "rod-rod" mount are used in the suspension of NefAZ buses;
- Shock absorbers with a length of 485 mm with a piston stroke of 300 mm are used in KAMAZ semi-trailers, as well as in the front suspension in some army off-road vehicles (KAMAZ-4310);
- Long-stroke shock absorbers with a length of 500 mm with a piston stroke of 325 mm are installed in the front suspension of the new KAMAZ-65112 and 6520 dump trucks.

All of these shock absorbers are traditional hydraulic, made according to a two-pipe scheme. Most shock absorbers have an eye-to-eye mount, but components for NefAZ buses have a rod-to-stem mount. Shock absorbers for current models of dump trucks from BAAZ are equipped with an elongated plastic casing, which provides better protection against water and dirt.

All KAMAZ vehicles are equipped with Belarusian-made shock absorbers. Products from two manufacturers are supplied to conveyors:

- BAAZ (Baranovichi Automobile Aggregate Plant) - the city of Baranovichi;
- GZAA (Grodno Plant of Automobile Units) - the city of Grodno.

BAAZ and GZAA offer all these types of shock absorbers, and these products are supplied to the market in large quantities, so their replacement (as well as the repair of truck suspension in general) can be performed in a short time and at no extra cost.

Also, shock absorbers for KAMAZ trucks are offered by the Ukrainian manufacturer FLP ODUD (Melitopol) under the OSV brand, as well as the Russian NPO ROSTAR (Naberezhnye Chelny) and the Belarusian company FENOX (Minsk). This greatly expands the choice of shock absorbers and opens the way to cost savings.


Issues of maintenance and repair of shock absorbers

Modern models of hydraulic shock absorbers do not need special maintenance. It is also necessary to check the condition of the rubber bushings that are installed in the shock absorber eyes - if the bushings are deformed or cracked, they should be replaced.

If the shock absorber has exhausted its resource or has serious malfunctions (oil leaks, deformation of the body or rod, destruction of fasteners, etc.), then the part should be replaced. Usually, shock absorbers are attached with only two fingers (bolts) at the top and bottom points, so replacing this part is reduced only to unscrewing these bolts. The work is most convenient to perform on the inspection pit, since in this case there is no need to remove the wheels.

With timely replacement of the shock absorber, the car's suspension will provide the necessary comfort and safety of the car in all conditions.

Post time: Aug-27-2023