Trade Services


Every month, over 500 organizations choose us as the main supplier of automotive components and products. The company is very proud to collaborate with any type of customer, whether it is a small spare parts store, wholesaler, or large importer. Our company has experience in supplying spare parts and automotive products. Each customer is first and foremost a partner, with their own relationship history.

Our company's product range exceeds 4000 items ,We are still rapidly expanding. There are over fifty factories supplying our products,includes the entire range of parts for domestic and European trucks, special equipment and Korean-made cars.

The company is actively developing its range in the areas of passenger, commercial, freight transport, buses, municipal equipment, special equipment, as well as car chemicals and fuels, various automotive goods and tools.

One of the important advantages of galen supply chain is a wide range of products, which is maintained in stock. To optimize its range and maintain all the popular spare parts in stock, the company sells some spare parts, auto goods and tools with significant discounts.

At the moment, more than 800 products are on sale. Often these are popular items that manufacturers for one reason or another have replaced with new ones. Ordering spare parts, auto goods and tools from the sale section is a great way to replenish the warehouse, significantly saving money.

The offer for all items in the Sale section is valid as long as the items are in stock.

We have a 2000 square meter finished product warehouse to provide warehousing services for customers. Many customers ship the entire container, so there needs to be a place to store the goods before all the goods are completed. Customers can send the goods from other suppliers to our warehouse and loading the container together.

We can also provide trademark registration and customs intellectual property registration for customers in China to protect their intellectual property from infringement. As a major manufacturing country, China can find suitable manufacturers for many products. Without intellectual property protection, imitations may be produced in large quantities.