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Hydraulic lock is a safety device that can prevent the hydraulic cylinder from falling due to gravity when the hydraulic system suddenly loses pressure or the pipeline breaks. The hydraulic lock prevents the flow of liquid from one position to another through a piston or ball valve, thereby keeping the hydraulic cylinder in a stable position and ensuring the safe operation of the equipment or system.

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Hydraulic lock (hydraulic control check valve) is on the basis of the ordinary check valve to add a hydraulic control component, so that the hydraulic lock can be reversed on the basis of the ordinary check valve to achieve more functions.

The working principle of the hydraulic lock is as follows:

When there is no hydraulic oil entering the control oil port, the hydraulic lock is the same as the ordinary check valve, and the oil can only flow freely from the oil inlet to the oil outlet, and the reverse can not pass at all. When the hydraulic oil enters the control oil port and reaches its preset pressure value, the spool is pushed open under the pressure to make the check valve open, and the hydraulic lock can also pass freely in the reverse direction.

Hydraulic lock is divided into internal leakage type and external leakage type two.

Internal drain type, when the lower end of the hydraulic control piston does not control the oil into, at this time, like the general check valve, the pressure oil can flow freely in the forward direction, and can not flow in the reverse direction. However, when the pressure oil is introduced into the control oil port, it acts on the lower end of the control piston, and the generated liquid pressure makes the control piston lift up, transfers force to the ejector rod, and then forces the one-way valve core to open, and the main oil circuit can flow freely in both directions.

Leakage type, the general one-way valve spool diameter is larger, if the internal leakage type, the reverse oil pressure is higher, because the valve spool acting area is larger, so the valve spool under the pressure on the valve seat is higher, then the control pressure required to control the piston to open the valve spool is also higher, coupled with the reverse flow outlet pressure acting on the control piston end face to produce downward force, To offset a part of the upward force of the control piston, the external oil control requires a high pressure, otherwise the check valve spool is difficult to open. Litian leakage type hydraulic control check valve separates the upper chamber of the control piston from the main oil circuit A chamber, and adds an oil leakage port communicated with the oil circuit, reduces the pressure area of the upper surface of the control piston, and greatly reduces the force of opening the valve core. Litian leakage type hydraulic lock is suitable for occasions where the reverse hydraulic oil pressure is high

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Lastly, it's essential to purchase the Hydraulic lock from a reputable supplier to ensure that the products you're getting are of the highest quality.

In conclusion, high-quality Hydraulic lock are essential for anyone using a truck. These Hydraulic locks are designed to handle significant stress and pressure, making them ideal for use on rough terrains and heavy loads. By choosing the right size, utilizing high-quality materials, and purchasing from a reputable supplier, you can ensure the safety and longevity of yourHydraulic lock. So when it comes to your truck, don't compromise on quality, invest in high-quality Hydraulic lock today.

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